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About Us

DNS Creative Products was established in 2012 with the vision of creating innovative solutions for the customers.

Since then, the company has been dedicated to creating the best quality metal shoe racks that combine style with comfort. The design of the world’s slimmest shoe racks is efficient, compact and attractive. It is easy to use, has ample space for ventilation and consumes a very small space of your living room. It also comes with a safety lock so you can keep your footwear outside your home without any worry. We have an in-depth understanding of the customer needs and we do our best to meet them. The continuous process of innovation has helped us build a good client base over the years. We have bagged some of the top brands as our customers.

With its unique design, easy installation process and comprehensive features, DNS metal shoe rack gives your home a better look and is a permanent solution for your shoe storage problems. We always strive to exceed our benchmarks and deliver only the best products to our customers.

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