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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you ship?

We Ship it by reputed courier company either by FedEx Express, Spoton Logistics or any other reputed transport service.

How long will it take my order to ship/be delivered?

Standard items will leave our warehouse within 2 days or order and should arrive within 5-10 working days (as per Courier company policy).

How soon you deliver?

As per your delivery location from Pune (Maharashtra) in minimum 5 to10 working days after order confirmation.


What methods of payment are accepted? And do you have a financing plan?

There is no financing plan. We accept Cash, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, Pay Tm, NEFT, Net Banking etc.


Is it customized? Can it be dismantled?

It is not customized and cannot be dismantled, it is ready to use. We have different sizes and variants to fit every need.

What material is been used?

We have used fine quality TATA CRCA Metal sheet with 7 tank process powder coating. (For see our DNS Metal Shoe Rack making VDO please visit our Web site or Face book page)

What size of shoes can be kept in each shelf?

Shoes with the Indian Standard can be kept in each shelf. Ladies footwear with high heels of up can be accommodated easily.

Can we clean it with water and Collin?

Since it is finely powder coated and totally rusts free. Yes, it can be cleaned with water and also with Collin.

Can we keep wet shoes in DNS Shoe Rack?

This is the biggest advantage this shoe rack has apart from space-saving, Wet footwear can be kept inside without any precaution.

What is the durability of DNS Shoe Rack?

Minimum Durability for this product is 10 to 12 years.

What are best place to install DNS Shoe Rack?

DNS Metal Shoe Rack is wall mounted. Some of the common areas where it is installed are behind the main door, Wall near the main door, outside main door (it has lock & key hence OK to fit outside)

What is the minimum space required?

It takes just depth 5 inches of space to accommodate all your family footwear. There is no floor space required at all.

Can I fit it myself?

Yes sure, it can be fitted by any carpenter.

What are the specifications & color?

Please visit our website or face book page.

What are dimensions of DNS Metal Shoe Rack.

Our modal wise dimensions chart given below -
(Dimensions in inches)

Modal:-DNS1-12, HI:-55.5, WI:-29, DEPT:-5

Modal:-DNS2-09, HI:-41.0, WI:-29, DEPT:-5

Modal:-DNS3-08, HI:-55.5, WI:-20, DEPT:-5

Modal:-DNS4-06, HI:-29.5, WI:-29, DEPT:-5

Modal:-DNS5-06, HI:-41.0, WI:-20, DEPT:-5

Modal:-DNS6-04, HI:-55.5, WI:-12, DEPT:-5

Modal:-DNS7-06, HI:-16.5, WI:-58, DEPT:-5

Retunrs & Cancellation

Can I return an item?

Yes, any items can be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. The condition is any Defective, damaged, and incorrect items in your order can be returned with no penalty. Returned items must be in new or unused condition and include all original materials from the shipment, the return must be received in our warehouse within 45 days of delivery.

How do I return an item?

Contact customer care here.

Anything I can do if the item is non-returnable?

Non-returnable items can be returned only if they are defective or damaged at the time of delivery.

Can I cancel an item?

You can cancel an item only if your order has not yet been processed for shipment.

How do I cancel an item?

Contact customer care here.